Fox Guitars -

The History

Fox Guitars was formed in mid 1998 in the city of Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais,
Brasil. Leo Gandra, who is the distributor of the Crafter Guitars in Brazil invited a renowned
luthier in Belo Horizonte, Ademir Coelho de Sousa, who had provided technical aid for the
Crafter business to initiate a solid double basses project.  Thus Fox Guitars was born.

Luthier Ademir Sousa comes from a family of woodworkers and from the age of eight years
helped his father and his brothers in the making of furniture. Consequently, he acquired
considerable skill in the working and finishing of high-class wood products.  In his adolescence
he also developed and interest music and consequently with working with musical instruments.  
He began by carrying out repairs and with time began to manufacture his first instruments.  

Initially the Fox production line comprised of only three persons and operated in a space of 45
m2.  After a year the company had to change to a bigger space (100 m2) and added more 5
persons to the team.  As a result of the quality of the products manufactured, demand in the
market quickly grew and the need of expansion became mandatory.  Today the company has 25
employees who channel all their energy into a quality product.  

The Products

Fox Guitars make hand crafted guitars exclusively from exotic Brazilian tone woods.

The range that is currently imported into Europe consists of four models and is known as the
Amazona range of guitars. There are presently four models; the V3 Amazona Clássico Deluxe
[nylon 6 string], the V3 Amazona Acústico Deluxe [steel 6 string], the V2 or V3 Amazona
Acústico Deluxe [steel 12 string] and the B2 or B3 the Amazona Bass Deluxe [5 string].

What sets these guitars apart is the concepts of solid bodied, acoustic amplified performance
combined with high handcrafted build quality and the use of exotic Brazilian woods. There are no
veneers in these instruments. Even the tops are solid wood. They are totally handcrafted with
not a CNC machine in sight. These really are handcrafted boutique guitars, at a mass produced

The concept is aimed at musicians who required acoustic amplified properties for stage use
without the problems of feedback.

The Amazona range is crafted from solid woods and uses piezzo pickups controlled by top class
electronics from Shadow in the shape of their T-PRO.

The models of the Amazona range all share similar construction properties and wood selection.

Although the body and the neck are from the same botanical family, Cedrela fissilis Veli, they
show the kind of variance that only nature can imbue. Dependant on availability, the neck can
be light in colour, like maple, or similar in colour to mahogany. However, it is the same wood.
The body is always very similar in colour and grain to mahogany. Some specimens of this
species are sometimes referred to as Spanish Cedar.

The Imbúia tops are spectacular and could easily grace guitars selling typically in the UK for two
times, or more, the recommended retail price of the Fox Amazona range of instruments. The
fingerboards and Bridges are made from Braúna, which is similar to rosewood. None of the
woods used in the crafting of these fine guitars are from restricted species.

These wonderful instruments have already found favour with many musicians within the Brazilian
music industry and famous bands. Remember Brazil is a market of almost 200 million people and
it seems like everyone plays guitar. These users include Vinícius Rosa, Marcelo Modesto, Paul
Ralphes, Gleison Túlio and Toniho Cruz all of whom are at the forefront of Brazilian music.

In the UK,
Aziz Ibrahim whose credits include Simply Red, Stone Roses, Paul Weller and others
uses a
Fox Amazona V3 Acústico Deluxe.

The recommended retail prices for these fabulous guitars are exceptionally competitive for hand
crafted boutique guitars such as these.

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